Carpet Cleaning Soho

carpet01Shiny Carpets is a professional cleaning company, which offers highly effective and accessible carpet cleaning in Soho W1. Call us now and book our cleaning service.

The carpet is a household accessory which delivers extra comfort and cosiness. Yet it also tends to collect hair, dirt and food remains. That makes it a perfect habitat for germs, mold and different parasites. When was the last time you had your carpet cleaned? Maybe you will have to consider a cleaning session with proven professionals. Our company offers professional carpet cleaning in Soho W1. Our assistance will help you to remove not only the most stubborn stains but also the dangerous occupants of your rug. To get more information about our services, call at our friendly support centre.

Carpet Price
* Carpet Minimum call out charge £55

My family and I are grateful for your professional service and brilliant carpet cleaning. You work fast, efficiently and your employees are super friendly as well.

My brother has been using your carpet cleaning services for a few years now, so last week I decided to book an appointment too. The result was brilliant!

Professional Carpet Cleaning Soho W1

We are proven professionals in the branch. Our cleaners have years of practice behind their backs and solid carpet cleaning experience. They have received special training that improves the personal skills and knowledge. Therefore we can say that we have the best carpet cleaners at your disposal seven days a week. With their excellent work, the removal of stains and bacteria from the fabric of your rug becomes a child’s play. Our teams always complete their tasks on time, so don’t worry about your busy schedule. We perform a wide variety of carpet cleaning services which are all included in the competitive price.

Here is a brief list of our general procedures:

  • hair and dirt removals
  • thorough vacuuming
  • treatment of old stains
  • cleaning procedure by your choice
  • fibre friendly disinfection
  • aromatisation by your choice

Treat your carpet with all these procedures by calling our office. You can be certain that your property will be in safe hands that can bring back the qualities hidden under the dirt and the stains. We usually begin the cleaning session with hair and dirt removals. When the larger particles are removed, our cleaners perform thorough vacuuming. We also deliver specialised treatment of old stains and spills. You have the opportunity to choose water, dry or steam cleaning procedure because you should decide what would be best for the fibres of your rug.


Our company offers professional carpet cleaning in Soho W1. If you need a reliable help for your rugs, make haste and contact our call agents. They can give you information at any time of the day. Our e-mail is checked on a regular basis, so if you prefer non-verbal communication, you can write us a letter with your address, contact information and special cleaning requirements.

Effective Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaners in Soho W1 are certified and trained to tackle any carpet cleaning task. Whether you need to breathe new life into your old carpets or maintain your new possessions, you can trust our company 100%. We are devoted to carpet cleaning and make sure all requirements are met and all specific tastes addressed to. There is no doubt our technicians are able to get all dirt, allergens and debris out of your carpets. We work fast and in a professional way, following specific techniques and using special cleaning solutions. For more information, give our call centre a ring and talk to our co-workers.


  • Sarah Sullivan

    I loved that your cleaners showed up exactly when scheduled and did the end of tenancy cleaning in no time. They were so efficient and thorough! I also loved that they wanted to know if I had any requirements they could meet before leaving.

  • Alisha Pearson

    Your end of tenancy cleaning service was exceptional even though the price was very affordable. Your housekeepers did everything they could to deep clean the whole property to perfection. They are kind and friendly.

  • Niamh Bowen

    It was a pleasure working with you! Your cleaners did a wonderful job cleaning the rented property and made sure that every nook and cranny was sparkling. Thanks to your end of tenancy cleaning service I got my deposit in full.

  • Jacob Russell

    The experience with your cleaning company was so wonderful. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the outcome of your end of tenancy clean. The housekeepers were very hard-working and polite.

  • Alex Hobbs

    Thank you for helping me put my end of tenancy cleaning obligations behind my back. I loved that your cleaners asked me if there was anything else they could do that might have been missed. I will highly recommend.

  • William Richardson

    After using the curtain cleaning services provided by this company, our draperies and curtains look like new. The cleaners provided the necessary procedures that removed the dust, hairs, odours, smoke.

  • Laura Aaron

    We have used the rug cleaning services provided by this company a few times and they were done very professionally. The cleaning technicians inspected our rug first and then did the necessary cleaning procedures.

  • Amanda Devon

    We have used the curtain cleaning services provided by this company for removing the stains, dust, mildew and grime from our curtains, blinds and draperies. The cleaners applied different procedures on the different fabrics.