Carpet Cleaning Bayswater

carpet01Shiny Carpets is a professional cleaning company, which offers highly effective and accessible carpet cleaning in Bayswater W2. Call us now and book our cleaning service.

Have you been considering having your carpets professionally cleaned? Well, do not hesitate any longer and call us. Our company is expert in the provision of thorough carpet cleaning. We deliver this service, as well as many more, every day without exceptions. What is more, we cover all addresses, for we want to be available to all our customers no matter whether they are located in Bayswater W2 or any other part of London. Choose us and you will be certainly charmed by the fastidiousness with which we work. As for your carpets, they will be spotlessly clean, bright, and fluffy – just as they were when you bought them.

Carpet Price
* Carpet Minimum call out charge £55

There were stains on my carpet that seemed impossible to remove. However, your professionals can obviously do magic because now my carpet looks better than ever.

I have washed my carpet by myself but the results are never as impressive as when you clean it for me. I love how fast you cope with the task and what incredible results you achieve.

Our Meticulous Carpet Cleaning

There are certain things that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to carpet cleaning. In the first place, the soft coverings of your floors need to be carefully inspected, so as for their type to be determined and, therefore, for the right products and treatment to be applied. It is also important to know that once they have been cleaned, carpets should not be stepped on before they are completely dry. Mind you, with us the drying process takes much less time than it usually does.

Choose us and we will:

  • Pre-inspect the condition of your carpets, as already mentioned
  • Apply a powerful detergent that works deep between the fibres
  • Extract the solution as well as all the dirt by means of a top-notch steam cleaner
  • Additionally treat spots and stains, if there are any left, so as to remove them completely
  • Disinfect the carpet, so as to be perfectly safe for you and your family members
  • Apply a deodoriser so as to eliminate all unpleasant odours

We guarantee that our technicians are trained and skilled to perform all of the above-mentioned operations in the best possible way. What is more, they have been thoroughly vetted, before they have been hired, so as to make sure that we leave our customers and their premises in safe hands. And speaking of safety, we are concerned about your health and that of your nearest and dearest and this is why we only use eco-friendly cleaning solutions.


In order to book our carpet cleaning, you only need to call our kind and co-operative consultants. They will patiently listen to your demands and make sure to notify our technicians about what you expect from them. We guarantee utter satisfaction with their work. Your carpets will be as bright and fluffy as they haven’t been even on the day you bought them.

Professional Rug Cleaners

You can keep your carpets clean and use them longer if you rely on our company to provide the carpet cleaning you need. Our cleaning technicians will bring back the spotless and perfectly clean condition of your dirty carpet. Whether it has any stubborn stains, unpleasant smell, needs refreshing or more thorough cleaning, our staff will apply the necessary cleaning procedures. Rely on them to make your carpet flawless and clean using eco-friendly detergents and modern cleaning machines. Our services are available seven days in the week in Bayswater and provided at competitive and inexpensive prices. Order your carpet cleaning by phone, e-mail or through our booking form.


  • Sarah Sullivan

    I loved that your cleaners showed up exactly when scheduled and did the end of tenancy cleaning in no time. They were so efficient and thorough! I also loved that they wanted to know if I had any requirements they could meet before leaving.

  • Alisha Pearson

    Your end of tenancy cleaning service was exceptional even though the price was very affordable. Your housekeepers did everything they could to deep clean the whole property to perfection. They are kind and friendly.

  • Niamh Bowen

    It was a pleasure working with you! Your cleaners did a wonderful job cleaning the rented property and made sure that every nook and cranny was sparkling. Thanks to your end of tenancy cleaning service I got my deposit in full.

  • Jacob Russell

    The experience with your cleaning company was so wonderful. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the outcome of your end of tenancy clean. The housekeepers were very hard-working and polite.

  • Alex Hobbs

    Thank you for helping me put my end of tenancy cleaning obligations behind my back. I loved that your cleaners asked me if there was anything else they could do that might have been missed. I will highly recommend.

  • William Richardson

    After using the curtain cleaning services provided by this company, our draperies and curtains look like new. The cleaners provided the necessary procedures that removed the dust, hairs, odours, smoke.

  • Laura Aaron

    We have used the rug cleaning services provided by this company a few times and they were done very professionally. The cleaning technicians inspected our rug first and then did the necessary cleaning procedures.

  • Amanda Devon

    We have used the curtain cleaning services provided by this company for removing the stains, dust, mildew and grime from our curtains, blinds and draperies. The cleaners applied different procedures on the different fabrics.