When calculating the price and giving the customer a quote we use the average room sizes. However, these quotes are not final and the Company keeps its right of changing the initially agreed price in case the Client’s requirements change, the information, given by the Client doesn’t correspond to the actual sizes of the room or a Company’s representative identifies inaccuracies during an inspection of the property.
Guaranteed Services
The end of tenancy cleaning service is the only guaranteed procedure, delivered by the Company. Upon booking, we take the responsibility of providing the end of tenancy cleaning within the next 48 hours. In case the customer considers some areas to be overlooked, the cleaning team will be sent back to reclean free of charge.
The Customer has to provide payment right upon the delivery of the cleaning procedure unless there is an additional clause that says otherwise. In most cases, the Client makes a payment in cash before the cleaning team leaves the property.
If the customer prefers to pay via debit card or bank transfer, they should complete the payment at least a day before the scheduled cleaning procedure. Failure to do this means that no cleaning service will be provided.
No cancellation fees apply if the customer gives the Company a notice for cancellation at least 24 hours in advance.
The Company reserves the right to refuse delivering the cleaning service if the property is potentially dangerous to the health of our associates.
The Company reserves the right to reschedule or cancel a service in case of unexpected circumstances or accidents.
Once the cleaning service has been delivered the Customer loses the right of pretending for a refund. All the cleaning services will be considered successful unless the Company receives a written notice, containing details about the complaint and the reason for customers dissatisfaction within 24 hours upon the completion of the service. We will investigate the reasons that has led to disappointing results and we will solve the issue promptly while keeping customer’s interest in mind. The client will be compensated to a reasonable standard.
The Customer should agree to allowing the Company inspect and re – clean the property if necessary before arranging another cleaning provider.
All the Company’s employees are proven professional who will make an utmost care of your possessions but sometimes accidents happen. In an event of damaging an item during the cleaning procedure, we will do our best to replace it with an identical one but that’s not always guaranteed. That’s why the Company advises the Customers to put any items that have sentimental or monetary value aside and avoid them being cleaned by the cleaning technicians.
Depending on the essence of the problem, the Company may ask the Customer to ensure access to the property within 24 hours of the cleaning visit.
The Company should not be kept responsible for any damages caused by careless treatment of the carpet and placing furnitures onto it before it is completely dry.
The Company is not responsible for shrinkage, caused by poor carpet fitting.
The Company shall not be liable for any old damages – stains, burns, spillages. The most powerful cleaning detergents and methods will be applied but we can not guarantee that the existing damages will be fixed.
During the appliance cleaning procedures, the best cleaning materials are used but if the Customer haven’t cleaned the appliance since the day it was installed, the Company can not guarantee that the ingrained dirt will be completely removed regardless of the powerful cleaning detergents applied.
When scheduling a freezer cleaning service, the Customer is responsible for defrosting the appliance. The timescales for defrosting would pose a difficulty in delivering a high quality service.
Neither the Basic nor the Professional Gardening service includes waste collection.
The End of Tenancy Cleaning will not be guaranteed if there are people or furnitures in the property while the cleaning procedure is taking place.

When booking a service with the Company, the Customer takes the responsibility to provide electricity and running water at the property. Failure to do that results in a £60 non-refundable fee.
Access to the property at the scheduled day and time should be provided. In case the Customer is not on the premises but there is a set of keys available, they should open all the locks without requiring any special efforts. Failure to comply with this condition is subject to a £60 non-refundable fee.

Regular domestic cleaning service

The customer pays cash to the cleaner upon the delivery of the cleaning service.
If the customer requests a meeting with the cleaning associate, it can be set up for a £10 fee, intended to cover cleaner’s time and travel expenses.
All the cleaning supplies and detergents must be provided by the customer.
Every cleaning visit will take place at the same day and the same time as it was initially agreed.
The Company has no availability for sending a cleaner to your premises at a day and time, different than the scheduled so the regular cleaning services are not subject to rescheduling.
If the customer intends to cancel a service but fails in informing the Company, the cancellation fee is equal to the full charge of the service.
Two hours for weekly and three hours for fortnightly cleaning service is our minimum.
It’s the Customer’s responsibility to provide access to the property.
It is a common practice the Customers to leave spare keys to the cleaning maids.

Minimum charges apply for some services. Please check them below:

The minimum fee for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is 48 GBP
A one off cleaning, booked for 3 hours costs 36 GBP
The minimum charge for a gardening session is 50 GBP
Promotions and discounts are not applicable to the hourly based services. The Customer can take advantage of any outgoing promotions and discount if the cleaning services scheduled is above the minimum fee.
Company should not be kept responsible for rearrangements and cancellations caused due to unpredictable circumstances or accidents that have befallen the cleaning team.
Compensation claims will not be considered and refunds should not be expected once the cleaning service has been carried out.

In case the payment method chosen by the customer is a bank transfer, the payment should be completed at least a day before the day when the cleaning service was scheduled. Failing to do this means that the Company has the right to cancel the service.