Carpet Cleaning Clapton

carpet01Pick up the remote control and turn on the TV, we’re reporting from a crime scene! It seems that a carpet has been neglected for years and in the process withstood serious fabric damage. What are the latest news about its condition? After a thorough inspection, medical experts said that the carpet is badly stained, it suffers identations marks and there are signs of infestation!

There is an ongoing investigation on the matter but the guilty party is still at large. The police is footing the area to ask for witnesses so if you have any information in favor of the case, please do your civil duty and contact the authorities! At this point we can only extend our condolences to its manufacturer and hope that the perpetrater will soon be taken into custody and held to court to answer for his crimes!

If halfway through reading this you’re looking over your shoulder so make sure no one has recognized your face yet, you have some sins to atone for. Don’t let that be your story!

What does our carpet cleaning service include?

  • We move furniture and other unwanted objects that stands in our way.
  • We pre-treat any heavy stains, dirty marks and high-traffic areas.
  • We proper hoover the carpets to loose the dirt particles.
  • We make use of the hot water extraction method, also known as deep steaming, to extract grime and soil. It always gives amazing results.
  • Our cleaning procedures involve usage of environmentally friendly cleaning products and tools.
  • We operate advanced cleaning machines which extract up to 95 percent of the moisture.
  • We neutralise unpleasant odours.
  • We deodorise the already cleaned areas.
  • We can apply Scotchguard Carpet Protector upon request to prevent future staining.
Carpet Price
* Carpet Minimum call out charge £55

“Millions of thanks to the fantastic carpet cleaning crew that gave me a hand. I was pleased with the hard work and attention to small details. I would not think twice to use this company’s carpet cleaning services again. I already recommended you to friends. Good luck!- Max”

“All I wanted to say is how happy I am that I booked your carpet cleaning service! The cleaners were just brilliant and worked really hard till they removed all of the stains! Now my carpet looks like brand new and the best part was that I did not have to pay through my nose for it.- Rebecca”

You don’t have to be the person from the news report! Just pick up the phone now and contact Shiny Carpets london before you turn yourself into a criminal! You can trust our expertise in carpet cleaning, we are a familiar site in the area of Clapton.

Many of your fellow residents have already escaped the long arm of the law by learning how to be good carpet keepers, let us help you too! We know you want to treat your carpet properly, it’s just that you don’t know how to do it. Luckily for you, we have everything planned out to make you and your carpet a match in heaven! Take a look:

The best service experience

At your servise is the longest standing certified company in Clapton. We are the veterans in the area with an established reputation as a trusted carpet cleaning provider.

We’re always there for you – we work seven days a week thoughout the whole day to answer your request for our services and provide you an immediate help.

We practise active listening – you’ll see we’ll get along pretty fast and become lifelong friends before you know it. Contact us on the phone or by the means of our online request form and let’s get to know one another! Tell us about yourself and your carpet, feel free to ask questions about anything of interest for you and share any concerns you might have.

We’ll listen attentively and elaborate on every subject matter you want us to. Then you’ll receive a suggestion and a free estimation for a tailored package of services suitable for your carpet needs and within the limitations of your budget.

We’ll travel the world for you – whenever your place of residency in Clapton, you can always count on us to come on site, help you move the furniture and anything standing in way between us and your carpet and we’ll transport it to our cleaning station for treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it would be safe to use my carpets again?

  • It really depends on various factors such as fabric type, cleaning method and humidity in the room. Sometimes it takes no more than several hours but often you might have to wait up to two whole days. To speed up the process, turn on your air conditioning or fan or at least open a window to turn the air around.
    Generally, it is advisable to let your carpets dry completely before you thread on them or move the furniture back to its place. You want to reduce the traffic to a minimum to avoid contaminating your carpets again or leave indentation marks.

Why do I need professional carpet cleaning?

  • Your carpet doesn’t just collect dry soil, stains and odors. It is the breeding ground of a whole variety of harmful microorganisms. To insure its presentable look and healthy condition, enlist the help of professional cleaners. For one thing they have the skills, knowledge and experience to face any carpet problem. Furthermore, professional cleaning providers use detergents and specialized equipment of superior quality to achieve incomparable results. Lastly, they offer a set of services for sterilization, disinfection, grooming and protection of your carpet. All of these factors secure the well-being of your decoration piece for much longer.

How often do I need to book professional carpet cleaning services?

  • You are recommended to have your carpet cleaned at least two times a year by a professional cleaning provider. Regular maintenance of your carpet is especially important in cases of asthma or allergies and when there are children or pets in the home. However, frequency vary depending on the individual case. If your carpet is placed in a room that you hardly ever use, then you don’t need to put that much care. Otherwise, you might enlist the help of cleaning specialists as much as four to five times a year or even more if your carpet is in an accident prone environment.

A winning team of experts

If you ask us what is the one thing that makes us special, we’ll say with a hand at the heart that it is our staff of cleaners. They truly are the main advantage we have against the compeition in Clapton. We chose only the ones with the highest degree of qualifications and the most provenly productive experience in the field. Reccomendation from previous employers and positive feedback from satisfied customers insured us of that.

We refuse to work with cleaners who would do a mediocre job because they’re indifferent to the needs of their customers. Our skillful specialists love carpets and they love cleaning! What’s more is that they know from experience every type of fabric. From the most basic to the top of the market varieties of carpets that require special treatment. They have the knowledge to deliver you quality result in every situation.

Powerful cleaning agents and fabric protection products

We don’t only have the brainpower, we have the finest non-toxic detergents and professional equipment that would remove every spot, obliterate every odor and eliminate from existence every microorganism hazardous for your health. You’ll receive a fully dry carpet that look and smell nice with the added bonus that it will be protected for further harm thanks to a coating of protective spray.