Carpet Cleaning Wandsworth

carpet01Shiny Carpets is a professional cleaning company, which offers highly effective and accessible carpet cleaning in Wandsworth SW18. Call us now and book our cleaning service.

You don’t need expensive detergents, shampoos and other products to maintain your upholstery possessions constantly in top shape. You can take advantage of the affordable carpet cleaning services which our company located in Wandsworth SW18 performs. They will give to your home the best looking and smelling carpets. Whatever model you have in the premises of your real estate property, we can assure you that our treatments will take care perfectly for the dirt, microbes and dust which are hiding in its fabric. Our well-trained employees are masters of the specialized carpet cleaning and can satisfy very easy all of your requirements.

Carpet Price
* Carpet Minimum call out charge £55

I have washed my carpet by myself but the results are never as impressive as when you clean it for me. I love how fast you cope with the task and what incredible results you achieve.

I love the fact that I don’t ever have to deal with carpet deep cleaning and yet I can have a nice and clean carpet all the time. Your work is precious!

Efficient Carpet Cleaning Services Wandsworth SW18

Not every carpet cleaning which you execute at home brings to your upholstery possessions the necessary ideal cleanness. Every once in a while you can turn to the more professional type of disinfection which will secure the flawless appearance and condition of all of your carpets. Precisely such treatments our agency from Wandsworth SW18 can offer you. Based on the most effective upholstery cleaning techniques and the latest natural sanitizing supplies, our procedures have no equal in the entire capital London. They will give you:

  • Renewed and entirely freshened up carpets
  • Upholstery items which are free from any kind of stains
  • Rugs and carpets which don’t contain dust or dirt
  • Upholstery objects which smell very nice and are protected

When our cleaners come for the sanitation of your carpets they will bring with them a big set of environmentally friendly supplies and technologies which will help them get the job done faster and better. The safety of our clients is the most important thing for our cleaners and because of that we gave up on the chemical and toxic cleaning products years ago. Now we disinfect only with natural detergents and energy-efficient technologies which are harmless and also very effective.


Supply all of your carpets, rugs and different other upholstery objects you have with our top services. They will eradicate the grime from your possessions and will disinfect them from top to bottom just to be sure that the dust and the germs are gone as well. Don’t lose any more time and contact our customer service operators at the office. Feel free to pay us a visit in the headquarters when you have time. We will have a chance to talk more about our professional carpet cleaning and our offers, as well as show you some of our eco products and staff.

Great Carpet Cleaners

Our carpet cleaning service in Wandsworth is one of the most popular services there. We distinguish ourselves by our high quality services, reasonable prices and low costs. A great thing about our company is that we do everything on site. In addition, our cleaners can help you move all your stuff away so that the cleaning can take place in the room where your carpet is installed. We work very carefully and quietly. We strive to yield the best results and we will when cleaning your carpets too. Booking a service is easy to do. Make sure you get in touch with us.


  • Sarah Sullivan

    I loved that your cleaners showed up exactly when scheduled and did the end of tenancy cleaning in no time. They were so efficient and thorough! I also loved that they wanted to know if I had any requirements they could meet before leaving.

  • Alisha Pearson

    Your end of tenancy cleaning service was exceptional even though the price was very affordable. Your housekeepers did everything they could to deep clean the whole property to perfection. They are kind and friendly.

  • Niamh Bowen

    It was a pleasure working with you! Your cleaners did a wonderful job cleaning the rented property and made sure that every nook and cranny was sparkling. Thanks to your end of tenancy cleaning service I got my deposit in full.

  • Jacob Russell

    The experience with your cleaning company was so wonderful. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the outcome of your end of tenancy clean. The housekeepers were very hard-working and polite.

  • Alex Hobbs

    Thank you for helping me put my end of tenancy cleaning obligations behind my back. I loved that your cleaners asked me if there was anything else they could do that might have been missed. I will highly recommend.

  • William Richardson

    After using the curtain cleaning services provided by this company, our draperies and curtains look like new. The cleaners provided the necessary procedures that removed the dust, hairs, odours, smoke.

  • Laura Aaron

    We have used the rug cleaning services provided by this company a few times and they were done very professionally. The cleaning technicians inspected our rug first and then did the necessary cleaning procedures.

  • Amanda Devon

    We have used the curtain cleaning services provided by this company for removing the stains, dust, mildew and grime from our curtains, blinds and draperies. The cleaners applied different procedures on the different fabrics.