Carpet Cleaning Hampstead

carpet01Professional carpet cleaning services available in Hampstead.

There are way too many benefits of turning to a professional company for assistance with the carpet cleaning. We as such offer you to choose Shiny Carpets London and say goodbye to all stains and bad odours that are embedded in your pieces. If you believe that you are able to restore the original condition of your carpet only with a vacuum cleaner, then why don’t you think again?

We are almost 100 percent sure that your carpets do not look as fresh and clean as when you first bought them. No matter how often you vacuum, there will still be a great number of dust mites and allergens that are stuffed into the base. If there are pets, it gets even more challenging. To protect your investment, hurry up and dial the number of our company. We can make the entire process of cleaning less intense and much easier.

What does our carpet cleaning service include?

  • We move furniture and other unwanted objects that stands in our way.
  • We pre-treat any heavy stains, dirty marks and high-traffic areas.
  • We proper hoover the carpets to loose the dirt particles.
  • We make use of the hot water extraction method, also known as deep steaming, to extract grime and soil. It always gives amazing results.
  • Our cleaning procedures involve usage of environmentally friendly cleaning products and tools.
  • We operate advanced cleaning machines which extract up to 95 percent of the moisture.
  • We neutralise unpleasant odours.
  • We deodorise the already cleaned areas.
  • We can apply Scotchguard Carpet Protector upon request to prevent future staining.
Carpet Price
* Carpet Minimum call out charge £55

“The carpet cleaning service of this company was recommended to me by a friend of mine and I finally decided to give it a try. I need to say that everything was amazing. Honestly, I did not expect such incredible outcome. I am so happy that I booked your carpet cleaning service.- Jasmine”

“I always book this company’s carpet cleaning service! I love how kind and hard-working their cleaners are, the rates are very reasonable, too. I have been using it for many years now and my expectations are always exceeded. I would strongly recommend this company, trust me, I know.- Donnie”

We know that there are a lot of cleaning companies in the area of Hampstead but we also know that none of them can provide you with better cleaning options than we do. We have been around for a great deal of time and we have managed to cement our status as a top-class cleaning provider. To see for yourself that we are second to none in the area, we suggest that you turn to our company right away and take advantage of our carpet cleaning services.

Looking for quality cleaning at a competitive price? Look no further. We are in Hampstead

We believe that having your carpets professionally cleaned should be part of your lifestyle. It is the reason why we have set highly economical rates. Booking our carpet cleaning services is something you need to do in order to protect your investment. This investment will also expand the lifespan of your carpeting up to a few years.

Our powerful equipment

Shiny Carpets London’s cleaning equipment consists of chemical-free and safe products which are safe for children, domestic pets and nature. We are the specialist in the carpet care in Hampstead so we give you our word that we will not let you down.

Our specially designed hot water extraction method gives our clients a deep and thoroughly clean, with excellent outcome. It will leave your carpets soft, vibrant and fresh. What is even better, our carpet cleaning services come with a bonus- a quicker drying process. You do not have to wait days for the carpets to dry! If you are looking for a reliable and affordable carpet cleaning contractor, we are always at your disposal.

One of the many appreciated qualities of ours is the fact that we are 100 percent dedicated to our job. We never stop till the desired cleanliness is reached, till the last stain is a thing of the past.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it would be safe to use my carpets again?

  • It really depends on various factors such as fabric type, cleaning method and humidity in the room. Sometimes it takes no more than several hours but often you might have to wait up to two whole days. To speed up the process, turn on your air conditioning or fan or at least open a window to turn the air around.
    Generally, it is advisable to let your carpets dry completely before you thread on them or move the furniture back to its place. You want to reduce the traffic to a minimum to avoid contaminating your carpets again or leave indentation marks.

Why do I need professional carpet cleaning?

  • Your carpet doesn’t just collect dry soil, stains and odors. It is the breeding ground of a whole variety of harmful microorganisms. To insure its presentable look and healthy condition, enlist the help of professional cleaners. For one thing they have the skills, knowledge and experience to face any carpet problem. Furthermore, professional cleaning providers use detergents and specialized equipment of superior quality to achieve incomparable results. Lastly, they offer a set of services for sterilization, disinfection, grooming and protection of your carpet. All of these factors secure the well-being of your decoration piece for much longer.

How often do I need to book professional carpet cleaning services?

  • You are recommended to have your carpet cleaned at least two times a year by a professional cleaning provider. Regular maintenance of your carpet is especially important in cases of asthma or allergies and when there are children or pets in the home. However, frequency vary depending on the individual case. If your carpet is placed in a room that you hardly ever use, then you don’t need to put that much care. Otherwise, you might enlist the help of cleaning specialists as much as four to five times a year or even more if your carpet is in an accident prone environment.

Who does not want to have a beautiful and healthy home? Clean carpets definitely contribute to the elegant vision of the interior. Actually, there are many other reasons why you should take proper care of your carpets.

One may be because you want to protect your health, other might be because you want your carpets to last longer. We realise that most of us lead a busy life and carpet cleaning is often left behind. Let us take care of your carpets for you and we promise you to deliver the best possible results without you having to pay a king’s ransom.

Do not waste more precious time and book our carpet cleaning services at your earliest convenience. We will show you that we are second to none.